Give Yourself a Lift! Elevate Your Life with Powered Lift Recliners

Image of a senior using a Ultramatic lift chair to stand up.


Do you nap in your living room during the day or evening?

Do you enjoy putting your feet up after a long day?

Do you rock yourself sometimes to get out of your couch?

Do you need massage therapy to soothe tense muscles?

These are all common aspects of life as we move into our silver years.  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a Lift Chair might be the perfect addition to your living room or bedroom.  A Lift Chair will allow you to maintain your independence in a comfortable and safe manner.


Also known as Powered Lift Recliners, these chairs are great for both relaxation as well as health.  Lift chairs are recliners that gently lift you into a standing position from a seating position.  The motion is powered by a quiet and gentle motor.  The lift mechanism assists your leg muscles to get into a standing position, and reduces strain on your back.

By using the recliner to elevate your legs, you can relieve leg swelling and water retention.  In addition, raising your feet can increase circulation and reduce strain on the heart: great for diabetics and those with cardiac issues.

Some Lift Chairs even include massage and heat therapy.  These beneficial features can loosen tight muscles, release tension in your back, and stimulate under-used muscles.  Look for chairs that have a kneading massage mechanism rather than simple vibration.


When choosing a Lift Chair, be sure to sit in them and compare comfort levels.  Extra space around your sides or your back is fine, but your feet should be able to touch the ground when seated.  Recline the chair as far back as possible to see the full range of motion of the chair.  You should be able to comfortably sleep flat in the fully reclined position.


Your Lift Chair can be a haven of peace, as well as a place of sensory delight.  When trying different chairs, run your hands over the soft fabric or supple leather. (A bonus feature is fluid resistant fabrics.)  Give the massage a try and feel your muscles loosen.


Here’s a quick checklist when making your purchasing decision:

  1. Chair can independently lift leg or recline back
  2. Chair is built with low toxic steel and high-density CertiPUR-US™ foam
  3. Retailer has experience with motorized furniture and a 1-800 number for service

Today, Lift Chairs cost about the same as a good quality recliner and come in a variety of beautiful fabric or leather options that can suit any décor.  Feel independent, safe, prevent falls, and give your family peace of mind.  What better way to futureproof your living room furniture, add comfort to your life, and improve your health!    Find Lift Chairs at specialty furniture stores in your neighborhood.

Maria Gademans, Lift Chair Specialist, Ultramatic, 508 Lawrence Ave West (at Bathurst)