5 Ways to Enjoy A Power Recliner

5 Ways to Enjoy A Power Recliner

These days we find ourselves spending a lot more time at home in order to stay safe.  And, when we’re not sleeping, we’re sure doing a whole lot of sitting!  Since we’re in our chairs more than usual lately – whether in our bedroom or living room - it’s important to think about the way they can impact our posture, health, and quality of life. 

If your chair or sofa may be getting a bit worn, a power lift recliner is something to consider. They can add comfort to your everyday activities, give you more independence, and improve your health & mobility. 


What is a Power Recliner?

You may have seen a power recliner but never knew it!  They look like traditional recliners - however, they house hidden electric motors that quietly glide you into the perfect relaxation position and can assist you into a standing position.  The motors can recline the back of the chair, elevate the footrest, and even raise the entire seat - all with the push of a button.

Today’s power recliners are stylish, come in a range of colours and fabrics, and have modern features that can boost your health and enjoyment.


Read, Watch TV, Play Games in Total Comfort

Since we’re not able to socialize as much as in the past, and not able to travel, we have been forced to find other forms of entertainment.  And, on a lazy afternoon or quiet evening, what can be better than diving into a book and escaping into another world?  Using the wired remote, a power recliner can help you get cozy and adjusted into the perfect position, enabling you to sit comfortably for hours at a time. 

At other times, you might watch a Netflix series, play an online game, or catch up with friends on Facebook, while sitting in your power recliner.  Have peace of mind that your phone or tablet will always be charged, as many power recliners now come with built-in USB chargers. 


Improved Posture & Support for Your Spine

With up to 4 electric motors built into a power recliner, there’s no excuse for not having the right posture! We may have been scolded as kids, but the right posture truly adds years to a healthy spine.  In fact, the simple act of elevating your legs reduces a lot of strain on the back. 

In addition, some chairs feature a lumbar booster, which further supports your lower back and promotes better posture with the push of button.  If you suffer from shoulder or neck pain, you will find a neck tilt feature particularly useful for reducing strain.  This mechanism can be manually adjusted or motorized. 


Better Relaxation and Refreshing Sleep

A comfortable chair is important.  But, one that offers additional features that enhance relaxation is icing on the cake.  Many power recliners include a massage feature that helps to invigorate tired muscles.  On some recliners, enjoy a built-in heat feature for therapeutic warmth that can relieve arthritis.

Power recliners can also help you relax and catch a few extra zzz’s when you need them.  To adjust your position precisely for relaxation, use the hand control.  Or, simply press the preset memory position – available on many models – to glide into the Zero-Gravity position.  The Zero-Gravity position elevates your feet to the same level as your chest, enabling your heart to pump easier, reducing your heart-rate so you can fall asleep faster.

You may have seen these features in adjustable beds.  In fact, more and more, power recliners are taking a leaf from the sleep industry:  Even the seat can be made from pressure-relieving CertiPUR™ memory foam or gel cushioning.  It’s never been easier to nap!

Relieve Pain & Boost Wellness

Improving your posture will certainly reduce muscle pain, but it can also improve your wellness in other ways.  In particular, if you suffer from diabetes, have high blood pressure or cardiac issues, power recliners can give your health a well-needed boost.  Customizing your sitting and napping position, especially when in the Zero-Gravity position, increases blood flow and improves your circulation. 

In addition, instead of having to nap upright, a reclined sleep position opens the lung passages and makes it easier to breathe.  And, if your legs tend to swell, for example from water retention, elevating your legs will relieve those symptoms.

Some people sleep in a recliner because they simply cannot sleep in a conventional bed.  Pregnant women find sleeping in a bed uncomfortable—especially as they approach their due date.   Those with sleep apnea - a condition where sleep is interrupted due to oxygen deprivation – breathe better sleeping with their head in an upright position.  Doctors sometime advise those suffering from osteoarthritis or spinal stenosis to sleep in a recliner as it allows them to elevate their head and knees.


Work-from-Home Easier & Gain Independence

A power recliner is versatile, working just as well as a workstation as it does a spot for ultimate relaxation.  You might find that the power recliner is more ergonomic than most office chairs.  You can unchain yourself from your desk and send your emails, crunch those numbers, or even write your memoirs!

Being able to work from anywhere gives you flexibility and independence. But perhaps best of all, a power recliner is future-proofed for a time when your legs may not be as strong as they once were, because the lift feature can raise you into a standing position without adding any strain on your hips or leg muscles. That means you may be able to stay in your home longer without caregivers and maintain your mobility.

It all begs the question: What can’t a power recliner do for you?

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