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        Technogel CONTOUR Pillow

        Contour Pillow Details For back or side sleepers who may have trouble getting comfortable, this pillow is specially designed to fit around your shoulder so your head lays snuggly in the...

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        Double-sided Pillow: MAGNIGEL on one side: soft & fresh MEMOFORM on the other side: firm support A traditionally shaped pillow that combines the firm support of Memoform on one side with all the...

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        Technogel ANATOMIC Pillow

        Anatomic Pillow Details Designed to provide superior relief and support, the Anatomic is especially popular among those who suffer neck, back or shoulder pain. The ergonomically curved surface is a good...

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        LUXE Mattress

        Bed-In-The-Box Collection The Luxe is part of our GoodSleep Bed-In-Box collection, available in regular packaging, or rolled & compressed for easy delivery. NanoGel-Infused Memory Foam The mattress features a Memory Foam...

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        GURU Pure NanoGel Mattress

        Centrepiece of Collection The Guru is the top of the line of model in our NanoGel collection. It is a high-end model built for the ultimate in comfort and durability. Pure...

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        UltraComfort Hi-Low Adjustable Base

        Raise and Lower The Height The UltraComfort Hi-Low Base allows you to raise and lower the height of the adjustable base.  This feature allows you to customize the height at which you...

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        Technogel Deluxe REGULAR 4.5 Pillow

        Deluxe Pillow Details Enjoy cool comfort and exceptional support with a classic shaped pillow! The Deluxe offers a versatile moderately low-profile option for small-to-medium built back or side sleepers, or those...

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        Blue MAGNIGEL on both sides: soft & fresh Traditionally shaped pillow.  

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        Marbella Lift Chair

        Ergonomic 4-Motor, Infinite Position Comfort Perfectly adjust your chair into an infinite number of comfort positions using 4 independent motors MotionBox™ feature elevates the knees at an upward angle, takes weight...

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        Suprelle Micro Pillow

        SUPRELLE™ DOWN-ALTERNATIVE The most luxurious synthetic down in the world is Suprelle™ microfiber. It cleverly mimics natural down in weight and feel, soft and light. It is 8 times shorter and 6 times...

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